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Review of surgery by Prof H Lombard

Mohs Surgery by Dr Pieter du Plessis

My contact and eventual treatment for skin cancer by Mohs surgery need to be told and made known to a greater audience than Dr Pieter du Plessis’s consulting room on 11 September 2017 and the resection procedure in the Life Brooklyn Day Hospital on Thursday 28 September 2017.

It started about two years ago with visits and removals of minor spots and warts on my wife’s and my skins. Some of them caused concern for our dermatologist Dr Aubrey Hazelhurst and later for his colleague Dr Nivana Ramlachan. The latest results of biopsy analyses of two spots on my left forehead and one in front of my left ear brought me into Dr du Plessis’s consulting room. The initiative was taken by Dr Nivana Ramlachan.

During my consultation with Dr Pieter du Plessis I realised that I was a patient who urgently needs therapy. As he proceeded explaining the Mohs procedure with the high success rate it offers as a positive prognosis, ….. I realised and discovered that I am privileged to become part and parcel of a global enterprise of successful oncological healing of skin cancer specifically.

On Thursday 28th September 2017 the Mohs procedure was carried out on my forehead in the Life Brooklyn Day Hospital. Thanks to the alternative and aptly descriptive name for the Mohs surgery, namely Mohs micrographic surgery, a hitech microscope detected with the spot on precision of a GPS the location of a rascal cell part at between 2 and 3 hour position on a watch face. The meticulous effectiveness of the Mohs procedure was re-affirmed and I had to return to the theatre for removing a naughty cell. Within no time this rascal cell with potential danger hiding within it, would have caused big trouble!

I gathered from some fundamental reading work I did, that since the basic and genial work which Dr Frederick Mohs did in the 1930’s the entire Mohs procedure gained enormous momentum and made miraculous progress because of the development of what can be labeled as hitech microscopes. The use of these microscopes enhanced the ability of researchers in all medical disciplines to gather in depth knowledge and insights into what cytology already learned about the structure function and causes for malfunctioning of cells. The wonderful and very much advanced microscopes could clearly describe and graph/map out the histology and, consequently, the pathology of cells where deformation and ultimately death linger – like a crocodile in the waters of the Nile.

This is precisely what was at stake in my case – where death was latently in the pot, but hidden for observing by the human eye. But it is, fortunately, nót concealed and invisible for the sharp, penetrating eye of the computer-driven modern Wunderkind – the microscope.

I am myself very much thankful for Mohs surgery!

I am myself very much impressed by the achievements of Medical Science in its applied form.

I am myself grateful to Dr Pieter du Plessis and the team of his College for his treatment en repair of my skin.

And as believer, I acknowledge and offer thankfulness to an almighty and omniscient God - whose Wisdom I am fully and gratefully accredited with.

PROF HERMAN A LOMBARD. (BA, BD, DRS.Th [Utrecht State University, Neth.], D.Th [US]).